Low Sheen Emulsion

Usage: Internal walls or surfaces, moderate to high traffic areas.
Description: Super durable, low sheen finish.
Great for: Everyday wall paint, low sheen finish and high traffic areas.
Bonus: You can wipe marks and scuffs off easily with a damp cloth.

Matt Emulsion

Usage: Walls & ceilings in low to moderate traffic areas.
Description: Lovely chalky finish.
Great for: General use not recommended for high traffic areas.
Bonus: Matt finish which is more durable than most chalk paints.

Satin Eggshell

Usage: Interior & exterior woodwork.
Type: Super tough paint with a lovely velvety finish.
Great for: All woodwork - doors, architraves, skirtings and windows.
Bonus: Super durable versatile paint, very high scrub test, great for wet areas and anywhere where really high traffic areas. Great used as a wall paint for rental properties! Indestructable.


Usage: Interior & exterior woodwork and sometimes walls/ceilings for bathrooms/rentals/commercial use.
Type: Gloss finish super durable.
Great for: All woodwork - doors, architraves, skirtings and windows.
Bonus: Gloss finish.

How much paint to order?

To work out quantity, rule of thumb is width of wall x height in metres = x2.
Depending on the colour, we recommend allowing for 2 coats and some extra for touching in.
We allow for 18-20sqm per Litre. Depending on substrate and texture.

Example: if you have a room with a wall area of 40m (40/18lm) to cover - you will require 2.5L x 2 coats - 5L.

Which brushes/rollers do I use?

All paints are waterbased. Please ensure all preparation products are waterbased and brushes/rollers appropriate for waterbased products, usually synthetic.

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